Dorkbot (2014-16)

Dorkbot is a worldwide memetic event, loosely based around hackers, artists, musicians, engineers, or anyone else that has a passing interest in circuit bending, 3D printers, physical computing and generally breaking electronics. The catch cry of Dorkbot events is: ‘people doing strange things with electricity’.

The wonderful Pia van Gelder was heroic in maintaining the Dorkbot presence in Sydney for many years at the now defunct Serial Space. In 2014, Pia invited me to join her as co-overlord of the Dorkbot Sydney chapter and bring the events to the UNSW Art & Design campus.

We held 10 Dorkbot events at UNSW Art & Design from 2014-16 (when the campus was still known as COFA) on topics ranging from biohacking to electromechanical percussion. You can find flyers from the events here.

Dorkbot flyer, March 2015.
Dorkbot flyer, May 2015.

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