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Funding awarded to create a welcoming and inclusive campus

In collaboration with Autism Spectrum Australia’s Autism Friendly team, we have been awarded a small grant from UNSW’s Division of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion to work on a project titled: Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Campuses.

This project will be the first of its kind in Australia; an environmental assessment of the UNSW Art & Design campus (Paddington) that will help us reflect on how we can make our university and resources more welcoming and inclusive for neurodivergent people. We hope that this pilot study will identify tools, processes and resources that can be used across all UNSW campuses, making the University a place that neurodivergent student, staff and visitors are able to engage with and feel supported throughout their time here.

In the coming months, we will develop a report and recommendations to be shared inside UNSW and beyond.

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Disability Innovation Institute news story

The new Disability Innovation Institute at UNSW (DIIU) has posted an article about my work with Kaspar and the importance of creative practice in disability research.

The DIIU is an exciting initiative by UNSW, which promises to embed consideration of disability in research across the institution. Importantly, the DIIU brings an interdisciplinary approach to research and industry partnerships. This is an exciting opportunity to bring together the work of researchers at UNSW Art & Design with the sciences and humanities.