• ADA x Health 2023
    Beginning October 16 and continuing until November 17, The Bank at UNSW Kensington campus will host ADA x Health. The Bank (formerly the Commonwealth Bank building on campus) is a brand new initiative developed by UNSW Health Precincts, as a stepping stone toward the UNSW Health Translation Hub currently under construction as part of the… Read more: ADA x Health 2023
  • Kaspar social stories (2018)
    Kaspar is a humanoid social robot, designed by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire to support autistic children with social communication and interactions. Led by Dr David Silvera-Tawil (CSIRO and UNSW), the Creative Robotics Lab (CRL) have a Kaspar robot on hand to conduct research examining the usefulness of a humanoid robot as a tool… Read more: Kaspar social stories (2018)
  • Responsive Dome Environment (2015)
    The Responsive Dome Environment (RDE) is the central design artefact that has been produced as a result of Scott Brown’s PhD research. This space was developed over several iterations, based on the situated feedback of autistic and neurotypical children and their parents. As the site for non-directed and playful interactions, the RDE allowed children to… Read more: Responsive Dome Environment (2015)
  • Experiencing Environments (2014)
    Experiencing Environments was shown as part of the Mighty Healthy exhibition at UNSW Galleries. The group show explored Design work that addresses health and therapeutic issues, and takes in a wide range of mediums. This work was developed as a ‘technology probe’ for Scott Brown’s PhD research, to explore the technology that would ultimately be… Read more: Experiencing Environments (2014)